Coach Ra'ad

Head Coach
Ra’ad (Rod) Rabieh

Ra’ad (Rod) Rabieh

Head Coach

Ra’ad (Rod) Rabieh started fencing at the age of 13 in Jordan. He was trained and educated in the Middle Eastern, European, and Asian schools of fencing.

Highlights of his fencing career as a competitor and coach are:

  • Kingdom of Jordan’s National Champion, ranked number one for a number of years.
  • He was a member of the Jordan national team for over 7 years.
  • Emerited Kingdom’s Champion at college level.
  • Started coaching in the US in1996.
  • Students achievements include, World Cup Gold medal, women’s  épée, Montreal, Canada 2004 (then current), member of the United States World Championship Team Dead Sea, Jordan 2011 (then former), as well as many other high level national and international fencers.
  • Established the International Fencing Academy in Mesa, Arizona (2004).
  • Joined International Fencing Academy in Sunnyvale, California in 2009.

Ra’ad’s achievements and contribution to the sport of fencing has been recognized by a number of official entities including:

  • The Jordanian Fencing Federation
  • The Jordanian Ministry of Youth
  • The International Jordanian Athlete’s Association, and more