Frequently Asked Questions

Is fencing safe?

Yes, fencing is a very safe sport. The weapons we fence with are not sharp but instead have a small button at the tip to register touches. Furthermore, fencers are required to wear multiple layers of protection and if all that equipment does not provide the wanted safety there is always a class instructor close by to make sure all drill are executed in a safe manner.

What equipment do I need?

All fencing equipment will be provided by IFA at the introductory and beginner level.

What should I wear to class / bring to class?

Beginners should come to class wearing long athletic pants/sweat pants, a comfortable t-shirt, and athletic shoes. In addition, a reusable water bottle should also be brought to class. If you already have your fencing equipment you should always bring it to class.

How much does it cost?

IFA does not charge for the Introductory class, it’s free to try out! Once the fencer is advancing in his/her curriculum the cost will vary depending on his/her level, age, and the amount of private lessons that are being taken. A more specific insight to the costs can be determined by meeting with an IFA staff member.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Because fencing is a very demanding sport in all aspects the minimum age for fencing is 6 years old, since before this age it is unlikely that children will have the required coordination and ability to execute the given instructions during class.

How do I enroll for a class?

If you are interested in trying out our joining a class simply call us at (408) 716-4454, or email to schedule a time. The introductory/tryout classes are a good idea to give you a feel of the club atmosphere and for the coach to see your level of ability.