Jordan Camp

An extended IFA training experience abroad

A number of families expressed interest in the Jordan Camp but can’t make it this year. It seems that the stars were aligned as the Jordanian National Team will be on competition, therefore, it’s IFA to Jordan 2019! Expected dates from Tuesday June 4th, 2019 through Tuesday June 18th. It couldn’t have worked better even if we planned it. This way, you will receive top training and be well prepared for 2019 Nationals, with at least a week of recovery prior to the 2019 Nationals. Space for the number of fencers is very limited, so please start planning now. There is no limit on fencers’ companions. Reserve your spot ASAP! We will be sending out the full camp schedule soon prior to announcing it for the rest of USFA members should not all spaces be filled by IFA members. Rate $4,950.00 for fencers & $3,950.00 for companion for IFA members. For non IFA members, $5,450.00 for fencers & $4,450.00 for companion. Price includes airfare.