Summer Camps

Week-long training and fun

We will be having four local summer camps this year at our facility. Camp One and Two are preparation for Nationals (Pre-Nationals), and International Camp is preparation for the coming new season (Pre-Season). You may sign up for one or more, and receive 10% off each additional camp you sign up for!

  • Camp One (Pre-Nationals): From Monday June 10th through Friday June 14th. From 9:00 am through 4:00 pm. $499 for IFA members, $599 for non-IFA members.
  • Camp Two (Pre-Nationals): From Monday June 17th through Friday June 21st. From 9:00 am through 4:00 pm. $499 for IFA members, $599 for non-IFA members.
  • IFA International Camp to Jordan (Pre-Season): From Wednesday July 17th through Wednesday July 31st. Pricing and itinerary coming soon.

Pre-National Camps: These are designed and administrated by world class masters, coaches, and instructors to prepare the participant for the National Championships. The focus will be on perfecting current skills plus learning new tactics. The camp includes Mental, Emotional, & Physical strength drills and exercises. By the end of the camp, the participant should be ready for the upcoming challenges, and will be able to face them and handle the stress of the tournaments in a more beneficial and productive manner, and grow in the sport. Very important for all competitors! Main focus are tactics & strategies.

Pre-Season Camps: Also, designed and administrated by our world class coaches, the Pre-Season camp are an important part of the ongoing training process when you are off from the competition season and have the opportunity to focus on building a strong athletic body. By the end of the camp, the participant should be ready for the upcoming season that starts in September, with the October NAC being the first major tournament of the new 2019-2020 season. Important for all levels from beginner to competitor! Main focus are technique & form.